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Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)
What is my educational experience and background? In 1996, I graduated With Honor from the University of Maryland School of Law.  I was awarded the Clinic Law Prize given to one graduate who "excels as a student lawyer."  Additionally, I received an "excellence in litigation" award and an award for "exceptional achievement and service" in law school.  I clerked for the Honorable Judge Carol E. Smith in Baltimore City Circuit Court, advocated for children who suffered abuse or neglect in Baltimore City as an attorney for Children's Legal Services, drafted family law pleadings for an online company and managed and staffed a Family Law Self Help Center as an attorney for the Legal Aid Bureau.

What services are offered?  Many Family Law cases are uncontested, are straight-forward or concern parties who cannot afford the going rates for attorneys. I offer limited scope representation and can answer questions, help you draft and file your case, provide support and information throughout the case, assist you with discovery, draft or review your Separation Agreement or Parenting Plan and more.  See also "Practice Areas" on bottom of "Home" page.

​​What is limited scope representation?  Limited scope representation (sometimes called "unbundling" or "discreet task representation") is a way that an attorney can help you with any part of your case while you manage the rest.

For example:​

-You can consult with a Family Lawyer to prepare or review your paperwork, but attend the hearing yourself;
-You can represent yourself through the whole case, and periodically consult with an attorney who can coach you on the law, procedures and strategy;
​-You may have a Separation Agreement or Parenting Plan and the attorney can review it for you;
-You may want to do your own investigation of the facts (“discovery”) and ask the attorney to assist you in preparing the documents you need to conduct discovery;
-You may have an uncontested case and the attorney can help you with all of the paperwork you need to get into Court.  ​ It s entirely between you and the attorney how much of your case will require attorney assistance. ​

Can we communicate to determine if limited scope representation is appropriate for you?  Yes, of course.

Are there some family law cases that are not appropriate for limited scope representation?  Yes:  cases where the other side is represented by an attorney and the matters are contested, heavily disputed custody cases, cases where there is a significant amount of property and/or complex and technical issues may be too cumbersome or difficult for a non attorney.


Why is it important to discuss your case thoroughly with your attorney?  It is important to thoroughly discuss all aspects of your case (even those which you think are simple) with your attorney before deciding which parts you want to do yourself and with which ones the attorney will assist you. It is equally important to realize that there may be important issues presented by your case of which you are not aware. You could be at serious legal risk about an issue you don’t realize exists.  Your attorney can only advise you on matters you tell him/her about, so it is essential that you provide complete information about your case.


What are the fees?  Legal assistance should be affordable.  I believe in hard work and helping people.  Appointments are $185 for the first hour and  $30 for each additional 10 minutes.  Assistance for uncontested divorces, which includes all necessary paperwork for you and your spouse, and review by a divorce attorney is $200.00.  While most law firms charge between $300. and $500 per hour, you are not sacrificing quality for price:  Excellence is my standard in all things.


What methods of payments are accepted?  Credit cards and cash are accepted.

How and where do we meet?  In order to serve my clients, I want to make affordable family law help accessible to everyone.  With that goal in mind, we will meet at a mutually agreed upon time and location.  My goal is for your experience to be productive and comfortable.  Meeting face-to-face initially is important so that I can get a thorough description of your case, concerns and needs.  The Law Office of Jennifer P. Haber, LLC is in and around Anne Arundel County.​

What is the next step?  Click on the "Contact" section above and email me, send me a message or call.